The Journey

Not giving up, never lose sight of your goal, keep standing up when you get knocked down.

Determination is not something everyone has, at least not in the same amount. But it is an important characteristic if you want to achieve your goals. A lack of determination might end up with you giving up too soon when you’re in a pinch. A sad thing, happening to many people in this world. A long series of unfortunate events can bring one’s determination down to zero, where working for your goals just makes it feel like a burden instead of something to look forward to. The exciting futuristic vision becomes dulled with thoughts of the obstacles that lie ahead or that we might have to face. Unpleasant feelings start controlling our minds and we give up at times were we are supposed to shine.
Should you have fears for what lies ahead, let your fears guide you, but do not let them control you. It is a natural reaction to have fear — it warns us for the dangers that lie ahead, making us able to prepare ourselves for it. But do not let your fears control you, let them act as an intelligence feed going inside your brain, letting you make new decisions on how to handle the situation at its best. You should never stop moving forward towards your goals, if an obstacle pops up, think of  a new way to get passed it. It might take a longer route, but it sure beats standing in front of it for the rest of your life.

Obstacles occur to test our determination. No one will achieve their goals without doing anything, and if they do (luck is always a factor), they will not have the same wisdom as the person who travelled a long path. It’s not just the goal that matters — it is the entire journey that makes us who we are. Should you give up on your goals, then you give up on who you are. You might find a new path to walk on, but a part of you will be left behind. Sometimes it is necessary, but I politely ask you to keep on going. Why?

If one is in a pinch and it’s not looking good, they only have their determination to count on. Only the hard work they provide when engulfed in darkness will be able to pull them through. Having faced a lot of hardships on the way, you will have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom. Even if it is a short, simple path with no tough obstacles, you will still have travelled down that path. On top of that, you have worked for your goal. You have given it your all, and you have recieved a reward. These do not come freely — hard work is paid off, slackiness will be left behind. The ones who have reached their goals will be a guidepost to others walking along the path. It may be that a road has a lot of obstacles, but seeing someone stand at the end shows the determination a human being can have, and is achievable.

Every possible step taken is one step closer to the impossible. If you get knocked down, let your true desires shine and stand back up. Get your fire burning and start going towards your goals. Never give up, never back down. The tougher the course, the better you will feel after you’ve completed it.

Even if the course cannot be completed over a single lifetime, that does not mean it is not worth it. It is, after all, about the whole journey.

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