Together Forever


Today is one of those days I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m doing…But the only thing I do know is that right now all I want is to be with you…To be beside you…For the rest of my life…I have no idea what will happen, but it doesn’t matter…Because every day that goes by makes me miss you even more…Sometimes it feels like that there’s no one else in this world…Only you and me…You’re still here and as long as you’re here I still have hope…I wish you could hear my thoughts…I act in a certain way just because…Because I feel something…Waiting for something to happen…And I’m not rushing nor running, but I’m still in hurry because I’m afraid that my time is running out…I wish you could hear me, I wish you could feel the way I feel…I just wanna be with you…You’re so close yet so far…I could get anyone I want (well not anyone but almost), but all I want is you…But I don’t know if you’re worth it or if I’m worthy of your love…For such a long time I have asked for something for you, and now I’m asking something for me…Something for us…I feel that big things are going to happen very soon…I don’t know why but that’s the way I feel…Soon…I just hope it’s not for the worse…I just don’t know…Sometimes your day begins great and then someone comes along and destroys everything and at the end of the day when you’re all pissed off, someone else comes and lights up your day again…Life is a roller coaster ride…But at times I feel too much is happening at once…I’ve become so busy that I have forgotten how it feels like breathing…Before it was all I did, day in and day out…Just breathing and doing nothing, no plans, no future, because I didn’t know what would happen…Even now I don’t know what will happen, but at least I’ve got something to fight for…You…Right now I’m living and fighting for you without knowing if it’s worth it…But it doesn’t really matter since things happen for a reason…One thing will lead to another…If we are not meant to be, it will probably lead me to something anyway…My love for you keeps me alive…My love for you gives me the strength to carry on, to fight…To live…My dream…I’m living for my dream, because my dream is you…I just wish I had opened my eyes even earlier…I was ready to sell my soul to the devil just to be with you…I just want to be with you…I want you to be the one I see first when I open my eyes in the morning and I want you to be the last one I see when I close my eyes in the evening before falling asleep…It hurts so bad when I think that things might not go the way I planned and that I might do something stupid I’d regret…I’m not a little kid anymore, I’m not a lovesick teenager anymore, yet I’m still blinded by love and overwhelmed by all the feelings I have for you…I have no idea where all this will lead me…But a lot of good stuff has come out of it ever since I fell in love with you…I got my act together and I made most of my dreams come true just in few months, things I had planned and dreamt about all my life, for so many years…And one day just like that…I fell in love with you and everything felt right…Goals that I thought I’d never achieve…I did achieve…Within days, weeks, months…Things I had dreamt about in years and thought would never come true…And it’s all because of you…The effect you have on me…People look up to me now…But it doesn’t matter to me…All that matters is you…What you’ll feel for me…I just hope that it wouldn’t only be in my head…And that you wouldn’t break my heart…Because I don’t know if I could take it again…There are so many things to think about…Right now I’m fighting for the rights of people that hate me, people that don’t care, people that have treated me bad…But I’m trying to do the right thing…I’m doing them favors, I’m trying to help…And I have no idea why…They mean nothing to me, they are nobody to me, they try to hurt me and bring me down…Yet I help them…I live but I don’t feel alive…I’m awake but I feel like I am asleep…I want to shut this world out…I try to help but I don’t expect anything in return…I help people who insult me, torture me, hurt me, make my life hell and I don’t expect anything in return…But a little gratitude once in a while from some that actually appreciate what I do lights up my day…It makes me feel good…It’s a part of life…Right now I live for others, because I can’t live for myself…I can’t be where I wanna be, with people I want to be with…Right now I have to suffer in order to see the sunshine after the rain…It’s not really raining much in my life right now, but there’s not much sun either…It’s rather cold and windy and I still have to cry myself to sleep every night…But this time it’s not because someone is trying to make my life hell…It’s because you’re not with me…Something is going to happen…And some things shouldn’t…Please, pretty please, let it not happen…The thing I fear the most…At the moment at least…And if it does happen anyway…I will not go through with it…But it will make some people hate me…Not that I would care because we’re not on the same side anyway…But it wouldn’t feel good to have people somewhere in the world that wish you dead, want you to suffer or kill you the first chance they get…I know they wouldn’t forgive me if I’d leave…If I’d run away…I know that they know that I want to run away but they don’t believe that I have enough guts to do it…But I do and they would be shocked…But the time is not right…Not just yet…But that’s all I wanna do right now, just leave it all behind…Just go and run away, because I don’t belong here…Because all I can think about is you and being away from you hurts so much…I want to listen to your heartbeats, I want to hear you breathe, I want to love you for the rest of my life…When I think about you I feel like I’m in heaven…You make me so happy and sad at the same time…Happy whenever I think about you and sad when I get back to reality and you’re not here with me…Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly to you…Together forever…

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