He spread her legs wide and stared at her pussy, he wondered how something so small could have so much power over him. He started running a finger down from her belly button he traced the finger tip between her vagina lips. He loved watching it twitch with pleasure. His penis started to mimic as he was becoming very turned on.

She was lying back, breathing so slowly and softly, preparing herself to let go of all her insecurities and worries. She was very nervous, but new that thinking about it would ruin the pleasure she would receive. She decided to focus on the feeling of his touch on her.

His fingers softly grazed up and down her pussy, feeling her warmth and wetness arise. He loved the smell of pussy, that musty aroma mixed with a whiff of soap. She smelt amazing and he couldn’t wait to taste her juices. He will soon enough.

When he felt she was ready he slowly inserted a finger into her cunt. She exhaled and let out a little moan which he knew meant she liked it. She liked being teased. He sank the finger deep inside and could feel her pelvic muscles squeezing his finger. He couldn’t wait for his penis to be inside her and it grew stronger and harder at the thought of her tightness.

He added another finger, two would have to be the maximum for her, she moaned and started rubbing her erect nipples, twisting them with her delicate hands. She was a sight for sore eyes. She was younger than him, and normally timid, but she looked very comfortable while he fingered her.

She gasped when he made contact with his tongue, he started to nibble gently on her mound. He kissed her cunt and breathed her in. He very gently licked her, all of her, not settling on one part yet, he wanted to taste every inch while he continued to finger fuck her delicious puss.

She felt so good, like fireworks down below. The sparks were starting off small, and getting bigger and better until she was on the cusp of something great and she knew it would be there soon, just keep going.

He could feel her pussy growing under his tongue and around his fingers. He was fully erect, with pre cum settling on the tip of his cock. It was now or never. He stopped licking and pulled his fingers out and moved up on top of her, his cock rubbing against the opening of her beautiful moist cunt.

She grabbed his hand and shoved his fingers in her mouth, she wanted to taste his work, her juices as he entered her. He slid his hard member inside, filled her to the brim with his body. She squealed in pleasure, nothing so big had ever been in so deep. She felt powerless and ready to explode.

He didn’t know how long he would last, her vagina felt so amazing. She was warm and slippery, like heaven.  He moved his hand from her mouth onto her breasts; even those were perfectly erect and bounced as he thrust in and out, each plunge getting him closer.

She squeezed his cock with her muscles and felt an amazing power spasm through her body starting down below. She couldn’t control herself anymore, she could feel her pussy pulsating and sending electrical ripples all over.  He could feel her pussy retract and shudder as she game hard. It made him release and he started filling her up with his own warm fluids, each spurt was a bullet of pleasure. He looked at her face, she was glowing with freedom, so beautiful and calm.

He pulled out and lay next to her. He held her hand and whispered in her ear, she smiled. What he said, we will never know.

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