I cannot live for someone else,

I cannot search for happiness.

For everything I hold close to my heart

Eventually seems to fall apart.

And looking back upon the past,

Into my memories from first to last,

Dependence and naivety

Define how I’ve turned out to be.

I cannot help the way I tend

To let my emotions descend

Into worry, panic, dread and fears,

Anger, pain and countless tears.

I cannot keep allowing life

To stab me with its hunting knife.

As I tread further down my path,

I will not succumb to life’s icy wrath.

I’ll treat each day as a new start,

An empty canvas; a work of art.

I’ll live for me and no-one else

I’ll thicken my skin, I’ll by myself.

I’ll laugh when I’m the only one

Who gets the joke or sees the pun

I will not stand for anyone

Lying to my face again.

If someone stabs me in the back,

Or hurts me, then I will fight back.

Life is for living. And I cannot

Waste time bound up in chains and knots.

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3 thoughts on “Yourself

  1. Kurt says:

    Powerful. I like that!

  2. Reblogged this on Dating Chic* and commented:
    well done live for self!!!

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