Isn’t this the truth. I think we all have done some things, ruin some relationships that we wished like hell we hadn’t! Then they are a few that we are still holding on to that we need to set a torch to the them! **giggles** Yet most of us are in current relationships and we just don’t know what the hell to do. I hear people say I was at a crossroad. Well I just found out what that mean. When I came to face reality, when I was just slapped with some old dangling feelings, I almost fell backwards. I almost felt sorry for my past and gave up my future. It took a day of sadness a day of hardcore thinking to make me realize there is no point in going backwards. If a person wrong you once without remorse and never admit they wronged you they will damn sure do it again! Welp! If my words are unclear here it’s because I am talking from my head (and that just should say enuff, shit I’m crazy) LOL!
Seriously though don’t keep holding on to things that hold no value or can not add value in your life. Sometimes you have to continue to love people from a distance because they don’t mean you any good. People will look to you just because they need you and when they get up on their feet they will give you their ass to kiss. This applies to family, friends, grown children and lovers. Live your life to your benefit. And my all time favorite motto:
One should never have to compromise their own happiness for someone else~
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