Handling With Care

Let’s talk relationships for a minute. I’m no relationship expert but I am a woman that has made some mistakes & has learned a few things along the way.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta & I have to be honest it concerns me. Many of the woman have settled for just being a baby mama or the side chick. The women have become content with fighting with each other over men that make it a sport to go back & forth between them. The anger seems to be more harsh with the other woman rather than the man that’s playing them all.

Why have we as women settled for being treated as something to do when it’s convenient? Why have so eagerly handed out hearts & panties over to men that have not proven to be capable of handling our hearts with care? What does this teach our young girls about self respect?

Ladies, many of us have developed such a poor view of ourselves we believe that’s all we deserve & for the sake of not being alone we tolerate such disrespect. (And it’s not just men that treat women in a disrespectful manner because there are women that do the same. I will address that in part 2 of this blog). We fail to realize being in a relationship with the wrong man still makes you alone.

Ladies when you understand you deserve better you will demand better. (You must also remember to conduct yourself as a lady not a tramp). Understand you are fearfully & wonderfully made. God has the right man for you but you have to be in the right position for him. Instead of praying God send you a mate our prayer should be God prepare me to be a good wife.

We may have made mistakes in our past relationships but we need to learn from those mistakes. Taking time to heal from those hurts rather than jumping fr one relationship to the next……

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One thought on “Handling With Care

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