You would think Men would like for their woman to be mild and soft-spoken, submissive and catering to his every need, right? HELL NO! They will tell you that shit but it’s bullshit. Just try it for a week, I dare you and your ass will be bored, ignored and he will be acting like an ass. Just as soon as you get a tad bit bitchy, or spicy with his ass, disagree with every other word, you getting roses, flowers and good sex. WTF! I don’t understand… Does this change as men mature? Maybe, but do they ever really mature? Hmm…
Okay, before I get slammed with rude remarks from the men, let me be clear on this… Most men who are not ready to settle and do not know what they really want from a woman don’t seem to find a balance in relationships. They tend to cling to drama, very opposite from what they say to their homeboys and you if you ask them. They respond quicker to a woman who don’t take shit than one who will lay down for him… I am not talking out of my ass but what I know, from what I have experienced. Now once you meet a man who is more settled and knows what he wants from a woman he will be more balanced. Let’s not get it twisted though he too, will desire a little bit of spice as well though. You just have to keep men on their toes…they love challenges. Just don’t give them too much if you want to keep them around.
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