Before You Lose It

Why do people on most social networking sites, like Tumblr (especially girls), never accept the compliments they get? Is this some kind of new trend, because I’m not really following…it’s actually one of the main reasons why I kind of stopped using Tumblr as much and moved to WordPress. Whether it is on their appearances or personality, they never seem to be satisfied by themselves! I really hate it when a some individual has their followers comment on how beautiful they are, then they go like “Ugh no I’m not” instead of a good old-fashioned “Thank you”. Then why post your photos in the first place if you think you really are ugly? Attention-seeking, much? And secondly they are the ones that think you are beautiful, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there’s really no point in trying to convince them otherwise, unless you want them to feel that you have zero confidence and a lack of self-esteem!

People nowadays never seem to love what they got or are even not satisfied by what they have earned. You get to actually know what something’s worth when you actually lose it. I know it is in a human’s selfish nature to take anything for granted, but sometimes, it crosses the line. And now, apparently mostly the teenagers of today are fully unsatisfied with anything. Some people are so poor they can’t even feed themselves or afford a surgery they have to go through. Some people have lost an arm or a leg. Some people can’t see or hear. And you’re sitting on your sorry butt all day saying, “Fuck my life, mommy won’t buy me an iPad”. Seriously? What on earth has happened to showing the least bit of gratitude and content? And not only that, some greedy failures also tend to blame their losses on someone else. Like holding a grudge against a parent for not buying them the new Xbox or whatever. That, and also blaming it on…having bipolar disorder (which is, apparently, the newest trend these days).

Give us all a break and stop being so pathetic…I don’t see what is so “cool” about suffering from a mental or psychological disorder. As for myself, I have been clinically diagnosed with severe borderline PD years ago (amongst other things) and I had wished every second of my entire life, that I was dead. Borderline/bipolar/depression does not come every once in a while when you haven’t got what you wanted. It’s not like “Oh, I have depression, like my daddy won’t get me this car I’ve always wanted because he wants me to finish school first”. And then you go and tell everyone you know that you are going through the darkest days. You may call yourself sick, believe me I have all those packed together, I was the weakest person ever, even still am at some point, and I learned that I should accept myself for who I am, not because I want to be like someone else! Sure, I get suicidal a LOT and hate everything for no reasons but I get over it eventually (thanks to my medications that saved my life – literally), and I am far from an attention-seeker…and I am better now because I am filled with positive energy. And if you are perfectly fine without any mental illness…all I have to say is: Be thankful for what you have got! You may take the most trivial issues as granted, such as, let’s say, downloading movies for free. Now that the whole thing might be banned any time soon, people are now finally aware that they might lose the opportunity they once had.

My message to you is, to do a long list of things you are grateful for. Everything you have. From your body and your mind to your talents and house, food and shelter. Some people can’t find any of those. Love everything you have, love yourself, be thankful you’re online and reading this, some people don’t even have an Internet connection.

Remember that you are only truly ugly when you don’t love yourself, and if you don’t show any gratitude. Beauty is to show appreciation for everything you have. Have some positive energy. Have fun in your life, you only live it once, but do it safely, creatively, and constructively.

Now, go on and do that list, and feel free to share it as a comment (:

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