As I open the door
He sits so poised
The day on his face
In need of a smile and a taste
His eyes are warming
And his smell is enticing
As we move in
And give that “hello” greeting
His smile meets his ears
As his mind races
Through and through
Grande’s and Venti’s
Moca’s and Latte’s
It’s cold it’s hot
It smelled of coffee
In the coffee shop
Determination and conversations
frustrations and new revelations
My eyes are deceiving
My body language
Is he reading
I don’t drink coffee
Can’t even stand the smell
Undressing him with my eyes
I feel like I’m in hell
So many things I want to say
They just won’t come out
Scared of his reaction
He just might drop out
10 mins to 4hrs
I sit patiently waiting
To open up
To be real
To wanting to show him how I feel
My insides are screaming
“Do it already!!”
But for the fear of rejection
I kep calm and steady
Love’s my enemy
I don’t want to rush fast
But this connection we have
It just happened in a flash
I know it’s just me
Could it possibly be?
Tongue tied
My words come out wrong
And unspoken
I feel like I’m at an amusement park
And I’m bout to use my last token
It’s all or nothing
And my nerves have me shot
The rain against the window
The path to my car it blocked
Don’t want to leave you
In the 1st place
I admired you
The rain makes me giddy
I’ll admire you from a far
Don’t want it to end
I wish we were stuck in our little rain jar
How I wish you could see inside me
Really inside me
And as we run to our cars
And I take that last look back
I’ll remember the coffee shop
And your eyes on my back

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