Have You Ever

Have you ever had that feeling of meeting someone, whether boy or girl, and just knowing that you would like that person? I mean really, LIKE, him or her? Somehow I just find the whole topic of “Love” surreal, it’s just that I haven’t found THE person yet and somehow I loose faith in finding that ONE. So what is it? Are we brainwashed, because we see those ridiculously romantic Hollywood movies and wish we could relate to them, or, listen to songs by The Beatles and other famous pop groups and wish we could find someone to “hold our hand”? Or does true Love really exist? And I mean in real life, not movies, or novels, or songs? Have you ever met that ONE you truly loved and who loved you back? And, is it difficult to keep that someone in a relationship? See, the thing is, all those years of being Single somehow turned me into a cynic maybe, and I don’t know if I should believe in having a relationship for all eternity…does that still exist? How can one exist in a long-term relationship and not find himself utterly bored, or frustrated or just too constrained? As much as I would love to believe in the concept of Love and of living together with the person you love, I still find that concept difficult to maintain.

But somehow, although I like to see myself as a realist, there are still these little moments in life when I tend to believe in Love and in finding THE one person who will just fit you, like the perfect handbag, the one you’ll always dreamed about but just never could afford…See, still making this post fashion-related!

What I was trying to explain is, have you ever had the feeling of meeting someone, just for a brief second, and just knowing, really knowing that you could truly like that person?! Because I think that’s what happened today, when I saw this someone and just knew…Unfortunately, I’m not that person who will take their destiny into their own hands, I’m much rather the “innocent bystander”. So I went home, with that feeling, of never knowing if my feelings about this someone could have been right.

I guess after all, everyone, whether a true cynic or a hopeless romantic, likes to believe in love after all.

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