F**K YOU!!

Enough is enough…This is too much…You’d think that people would show you some gratitude for everything you have done for them, yet they keep wanting more and more and more…This has got to stop…I’m helping you, so cut it…With all your silly demands…I’ve had enough…I did what you asked, I did my part of the deal, but you never did yours…You’re just a liar…I did all of you a favor, but you don’t seem to appreciate it…No one else cared enough to help you, but I did…And now you keep wanting more and it’s not ok…No means no…I will not do anything against my will…Not ever again…You can’t make a deal with the devil, because he’ll not only take your whole hand, he’ll haunt you forever…It’s tiresome…If there’s a way around it, take it…But that’s enough…This time I’m in control and you need me, more than I ever needed you…There will come a day you’ll come crawling on your knees, because you know that I’m the only one to have some mercy on you…But this time you have crossed all the lines, more than once and it can’t go on like this forever…Accept what you got and forget you ever knew me…Please listen, just this once because I really don’t want to become something you hate…You may think I fooled you, but you are wrong…You brought out the worse in me but I really wouldn’t want it to get any worse than it already is…Let’s remember the good of it…I’m tired of your threats and hatred…Just face the fact that even though you’d love to hate me, you need me…But if they only knew…If they knew…They would never speak to you again because you betrayed them…The only one I betrayed was myself but I’ve already learned my lessons…This hell you put me through was lesson enough and it also led me back to the right path, now stronger than ever…But what about you…How can you go on living when you know the truth, the real truth…For you it was all one big joke…This humiliation and torture you put me through, the way you punished me and made me suffer for just living…Doing something like this to another human being…I never stopped you for being who you were, I never forbid you to be who you are nor ridiculed you…But whenever I tried to do the same thing you not only humiliated me, you punished me for living, and for being who I was…I hope your conscience lets you sleep at night…You think you are perfect and all you do or say is right…When will the day come you start to listen and respect other people…Only the thought of your ruthless behavior makes me feel sick…The things you’ve said and done to me are beyond cruel…You mind as well rip out my heart and tear it to thousands of pieces…You’ve stepped on my life, my rights, my feelings, my soul…You’ve pushed me down, you held me back…Your hatred, your narrow mindedness…I had to tolerate it all…I begged you to stop…But you didn’t, you went on, year after year like it meant nothing…First I was devastated, but later I stopped caring…I managed to build a wall around my heart and soul, so I could put up with it until I was able to break free…I managed to make you stop…It took many years of hell, but it worked…You finally let me go…So now go on and threaten me, because you no longer have any power over me…You can’t break me down, not ever again…Because I’m a fighter…I’m a survivor…The way you hurt me…You have no idea what I have done…Maybe one day I’ll tell you or maybe I won’t, but I think deep down you always knew and you know even now what I’m doing…I am free, I am finally free and I’m not afraid anymore…I’m no longer afraid of you nor the likes of you…Your threats won’t work on me…All you’ve put me through made me as tough as the steel…So go on acting the same way like you always have…And I’ll see you one day…See you when you get there…Not next to you, but on the other side…See how it feels…And try looking into my eyes, to see what’s there…All these years of torture and humiliation…And tell me what you see…No more demands, no more stress, no more pressure, no more suffering, no more humiliation, no more holding back, no more pain, no more mercy…Fu*k you very much and Goodbye!


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