What would happen if
One day you woke up
And everyone you loved
Was gone

Same job, same house
Same car too

But when you came home at night

It would only be you

You would finally have
All that time
You begged others to give

‘If everyone would just stop pestering you
You could truly live

You just need peace and quiet’
Isn’t that what you said?

Well now you have it all
And then a little more

But it wasn’t until now
That you realized
What noise is really for

To cover the unending sounds
Of a mind so restless
And judgments that grow louder
Into a headache

But beneath all the noise
Deeper even than
Your heartless inner voice

Lives the scariest thing
The thing you never hope to find


Because the greatest fear
Is an empty mind

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One thought on “Bare

  1. love the poem, it sounds like me..

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