Something I’m Not

That’s it…I can’t stand you and your behavior…I’m so fed up with you…You’re not healthy for me…I don’t want you in my life…I don’t want you anywhere near me…You constantly piss me off…I don’t love you, I don’t even like you…But you don’t understand…You’re not the boss of me…No one is…I do what I want, this my life, this is my free will…What is wrong with you…Stop forcing me, stop forcing the world…You’re all bunch of selfish liars…I’m not afraid of you, I’ve had it with you and your fake behavior…You keep painting yourself as saints, but I can see through you…I might not be perfect but I’m not afraid to admit I’m wrong…But you claim that you’re right and everyone else is wrong…That you’re so good and everybody around you are so evil…You can feed your lies to someone else…I don’t believe a word you say…Stop playing the victim, because you’re not, you’re just another fool so full of yourself…I might not know how it feels, yet, but you, mister, are barking under the wrong tree…I didn’t have a choice but now I’m strong and I live again…And I don’t want to hear any more lies…You seriously think you’re the only one suffering…Oh, poor you, but you certainly don’t act like someone in pain…You’re just blinded by your own lies and hatred…I’m not gonna do you any favors and it’s the time you should realize it…I’m gonna be me, the real me…I’m tired of hiding, I’m tired of all this crap going on…I’m not weak any more…Soon it will all be over, so you can go ahead and hate me if you like…Because I’ll rather be hated for something I am than be loved for something I’m not…So hate me for being me…I don’t care…It’s me and if you can’t handle the truth then don’t come near me…I know just the thing that will make you run away…It’s time to step and speak up…Just a little more and then the moment of truth will come…Until then: =>

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