Fell In Love

I have thousands words for you. The words that I haven’t spoken yet since our first met. Now, let me tell you.

I never imagined how your smile could mesmerized me and drove me here – in the edge of cliff. I feel fragile. Once the wind blows, I feel like a thin paper blown and ready to fly. Do you think that I miss your smile? Absolutely. We might be in different place. You might be there, checking on your lovely camera or reading your blogs. And I am here, writing my words. Neither you or me will looking back. We mesmerized by the future. Every time I see your smile, I can see your dreams will come true. I would glad to see your smile just one more time. Because I’d like to see if I’m in your dreams.

Baby, did you realize the way I stared on you? My eyes locked by your eyes. Your eyes have been delivered me sparks and it has been spread to me. Those are too contagious. Did you remember when our eyes met each other? Yes, I feel the warmth. I can tell you that the moments we shared either only both of us or no are the happiest moment in my life.

People said that happiness is simple. Yes, I do agree. Thinking about you, about what are you doing, about what you want to do, about what you did, already made me happy. One thing that always keep in my mind is your calm attitude.

Baby, if someday I have to go to another place, would you keep my words and save it until we meet again? Because I do believe that love is love. We don’t have to meet eye to eye to say that we’re in love. Neither you or me will waiting each other because we never know when we’ll meet and go. By imagine your favorite food has already made me fall in love to you for another thousand years later.

Baby, I think I fell in love with you. Do you?

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