Back Into

Not a minute goes by

Without you easing back into my mind

A million different memories

As they stir up those butterfly feelings

Trying to escape the pain but sooner or later I’m going to have to face the music

And who’s going to see me through it

I lost my best friend

To a bitter end

Will we ever be able to get past the hurt

Hold my actions as if I’m in contempt of court

Forgive me for giving up

For I guess never loving you enough

For not staying by your side

For all future lies

But for now let it be told

My love for you I will always uphold

So let me bow out with grace as I admit defeat

Setting my words in reinforced concrete

These feelings for you became a dictator that had to be overthrown

Discovering how to walk on my own

This all goes against what I feel is right

As again I’m missing you tonight

Too easy to ease back into

Loving you

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