Danger’s of Love

I think that I have fallen in love

And my heart is spinning out of control

It has been wanting to burst out of my chest

The first time that I met you

I hid it at first

I was wary like I always was

I did not know how to act

I was in unexplored territory

I tried to get you out of my mind

As if you do not exist in my world

But every time I see you, my heart is a-flutter

I cannot control it anymore

I have become a creature of my heart’s machinations

Why does love seem to defy logic and rational thinking?

As if the two domains cannot coincide

Would it still be love if one starts thinking instead of feeling?

Is love a choice?

I don’t think so.

You can’t choose whom you fall in love with but you can choose whom you commit to

Why am I over-analyzing this anyway?

When my love has little chance of being reciprocated?

You confuse me

You really do

Time would tell and would unravel this mystery for me

I just continue to sit in a corner and pretend that everything’s okay when it’s not

Distractions, sometimes distractions are not enough

Damn my heart for falling for you when everything still seems so unclear

It is not our fault that the world is wrapped in fog

Dense and suffocating sometimes

Near-zero visibility

That one cannot see two feet beyond his arm’s length

We are all caught by our own view of the oasis

That we cannot form a single image of the oasis

The mirage evolves and transforms with the passing of the seasons

I know how I feel

But I do not know how it is on your part

Your heart is an enigma

The same way that your face has and always has been a mask

Would I risk my heart on a possibility?

A possibility but a non-event nonetheless

Would you like me to break your mask?

Or would you shun me for even trying?

I am at a no man’s land

I am at another fork

But the situation cuts my heart like a knife

I stand before you like I stand before a precipice

Another step and I would fall deep down into the churning waters of the Pacific

Do I jump?

Would you hold my hand and jump with me?




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2 thoughts on “Danger’s of Love

  1. love is so beautiful….. keep jumping in love and stay blessed.. 🙂

  2. Go and jump! It is ok to be afraid, but dont let your fear prevent you from living your life

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