Friendship Is Important

It happens all the time. Boy meets girl, they become friends, date, then get married. Ideal relationships in a compact nutshell.


But what gets lost in this is the friendship. It’s sad to see some people think of marriage as two people who don’t talk, don’t have sex, just have rings on their fingers and sharing the same last name.

That’s not marriage.

But in marriages like that, what happened? They lost the friendship. Plain and simple they forgot how they got to where they are. Some people are willing to do all the work to get to the top of the mountain without realizing that it’s much easier once you’re at the top to fall off.

The pinnacle of any serious relationship is marriage so keeping the friendship aspect alive and fresh is a must. There’s a reason you both got together and fell in love enough to commit your lives to each other, so go back to the basics. It should never get to the point where you have to rekindle your relationship but if it does it’s as easy as reprising the friendship. Go back to where you started. Chemistry and a connection can go dormant but never does it die.

So ask yourself, what do we like to do together? Where’s somewhere we can just getaway and talk?

Go somewhere and hangout- make new memories and cherish the friendship that you’ve built over time. Cherish and cater to the friendship because too many times we only focus on the romantic part of a relationship and forget the daily grind. The friendship should in most cases take precedence over the romantic aspect because it’s the foundation.

Having a great friendship with great communication is a recipe for a successful relationship. Unfortunately Cupid’s arrow doesn’t ensure everlasting love. Once you have it you have to work on it and the easiest way to do that is to get back to the basics. Don’t forget the friendship.

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