Learning Experience

The next time someone has an opinion about the kind of person you are, just listen. Don’t get worked up, don’t get upset. Listen. Take every word into consideration if it’s coming from a place of love and them genuinely wanting to see you become a better person.

It does nothing but help us even more when we’re open to how others perceive us and how we are as a person. It’d be foolish to think you know all there is to know about yourself. Sometimes other people can see certain qualities about you that you yourself can’t see, or even flaws that you have trouble accepting.

I mean, I got a whole lot of shit wrong with me: I’m picky; I can be really selfish sometimes and even controlling; I always want people to do what I wanna do; I get annoyed very easily; Sometimes I wish I had more friends than I did; I lie every now and then about really dumb shit; A lot of times I just want everyone to like me and accept me so I can accept myself; I can be really narcissistic; I get hurt a lot, more than I allow people to see because I want everyone to view me as a strong woman; I’m scared of falling in love; I don’t allow people to get that close to me; I have a hard time expressing my true feelings to other people…the list goes on and on…

Half of the things I listed are things that people help me realized about myself and half of them are things I would have never noticed, and worked on improving, unless they did.

Life is all about learning more and more about ourselves every single day. Don’t disrupt the process because you have a hard time hearing about your flaws. Accept them and work on them, because it makes you beautiful and it makes you human. As hard as it may be to accept your own flaws, it’d hurt you even more if you continued lying to yourself and believing a false persona of the kind of person you think you are. There’s nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you have some certain qualities about you that are kinda fucked up. We’re all fucked up in one way or another. What’s sad is how incapable we all are of admitting it. But as long as you’re trying to improve yourself and your ways, that’s really all that matters.

Take everything as a learning experience, whether it be good or bad. In this case when someone has an opinion about the way you are, take it into consideration, but only if it’s coming from a place of compassion and sincere curiosity. Then work on improving those qualities. You’re only learning more about yourself in the end.

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