Past Few Days…

The past few days for me were particularly frustrating because I wasn’t getting the things I wanted when I wanted them. It brought me to the point of tears, but in the midst of me crying uncontrollably I stopped and just tried to get myself together for a minute. I asked myself why I’ve allowed myself to get this worked up over something just because it didn’t go my way? I realized that I was placing too much of my emotions behind having these external things, that when I didn’t get them, it felt like I didn’t get my happiness either, and it should never have to be that way. If I was truly happy and content with myself, I wouldn’t feel the need to have these things so badly. The utter thought of that made me realize that I didn’t wanna be that person. I didn’t wanna rely on anything else to determine my happiness but me.

A lot of times, we go looking for external things to keep us happy and satisfied, when really we should be looking internally. Realizing exactly what it is about us that makes ourselves happy.
Because if we don’t, we’ll be forever searching for external things to fill that void, but realize it’ll only last for the moment. Lifelong happiness takes a lot of soul searching within ourselves and learning to really love ourselves. It’s when you learn to distinguish your wants from your needs.

You don’t need other people around to make you happy. You don’t need the newest iPhone to make you happy. You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to be happy. You may want these things, and you should allow them to happen only if they enhance your happiness, but what’s most important and what you should focus on most is not needing these things to be happy.

I think the most important thing you can learn in life is how to love yourself. Realize that nothing lasts forever. Things come and go, feelings come and go, experiences come and go. But the one thing you’ll always have, is you. You’re gonna be with your thoughts forever and they can make you or break you, all depending on what you think. Enjoy every single moment while you have it, but don’t dwell on it when it leaves…

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One thought on “Past Few Days…

  1. avani says:

    do not wish to sound self admiring, but reading this post seemed like reading a self reminder written by me. 🙂

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