What Do Those Texts Mean

I’m sure we have all experienced the “what does this text really mean?” moment. We all know how the scenario goes; we sit down with the girls for a long and heated discussion about what a text message from a guy may or may not really mean. For some unexplainable reason, the concept of ‘it means what it means’ is too hard to grasp in the female mind, everything has to have an alternative meaning.

We overthink it. We dissect the message into separate parts and then examine and explain each individual component of the message to conclude what he really means by his message. I don’t even want to know how many hours of my life I have wasted participating in this process.

We need to understand that men are simple-minded creatures. They do not care, nor have the desire for playing double-meaning mind games with you (with the exception of players and commitment-phobes of course!).

Below is a translation of guy text code to help us all overcome this overthinking text disease we often get caught up in:


  • Guy sends: Guy’s cool with whatever you said, but doesn’t have the time or energy to put a heartfelt xoxo at the end of it
  • Girls receives: This message generally pisses us off. We interpret this to mean that he is not bothered or uninterested about the plans we have made with him – we need to acknowledge that this interpretation is wrong. He is just not a big hearty texter!

“What’s up?”

  • Guy sends: Most likely he’s bored and/or genuinely wants to know what you’re up to or wants a booty call.
  • Girl Receives: Sometimes we overthink a simple message as this to mean that a guy doesn’t actually care what we are doing, and that they are only texting to keep us happy. The reason for this is because “What’s up?” is overly simple. If a girl had sent this it would read “Hey babe what you doing? Thinking of you xx”. This reaction is merely a gender barrier that we need to overcome. However, if you get this message late at night you have permission to look into the double-meaning, it’s a booty call.

“What are you doing later?”

  • Guy sends: He wants to know where you will be and who you are with so that he can potentially meet up with you later because he either A) misses you and wants to see you or B) wants sex
  • Girl receives: Generally we would read this as a booty call. Most girls get pissed at this message, as it means that the guy does not want to spend time with them and that he only wants her after he has had fun doing something else.

“I wish you were here”

  • Guys Sends: This again, depends on the stage that the relationship is at. If it’s early, the guy is probably trying to get into your pants by trying to appear affectionate, but if the relationship is stable then he genuinely misses you.
  • Girl Receives: Girls generally read this as it is because they are wooed away with the cuteness. However it is again dependant on the stage that the relationship is at.

“I’m not feeling well”

  • Guys Sends: If this is the first text of the convo, he wants the girl to come over and nurse him back to the health (read: hook up). If it’s not the lead text, he just wants to end the convo for now.
  • Girls Receives: We usually read this to mean that he is not interested in talking to us anymore, or that he is blowing off any plans we have made.

“It was nice seeing you last night”

  • Guys Sends: If he didn’t hook up with you, he wants to. If he did hook up with you, he wants to do it again.
  • Girls receives: We read this to mean that he’s keen OR if he is acting shady then we could read it to mean thanks but no thanks.

“Whatever you want to do”

  • Guys Sends: This means exactly what it means girls, whatever you want to do. It’s your call.
  • Girls Receives: Girls read this to mean that the guy does not care about what you do together, which we then read to mean that he doesn’t like us enough to put any effort into our plans. We could also read this to mean that he the push over doormat type of guy.

“I’ll text you later”

  • Guys Sends: Guys generally say this when they are busy, don’t feel like texting or are trying to avoid you.
  • Girls Receives: We will usually be hurt be this kind of message as it means they do not want to talk to us, which we therefore think means that they do not like us enough.

“OK. (with the period)”

  • Guys Sends: He is pissed off at you big time. He has intentionally put the full stop at the end to communicate this. Give him some space to calm down!
  • Girls Receives: We would read this to mean that he’s pissed.


  • Guys Sends: Could potentially be a dismissive laugh to end the convo, but nonetheless he wants to let you know it’s funny. A simple text like this means that he didn’t really have anything constructive to respond with. It’s a conversation filler.
  • Girls Receives: “lol” is the girls’ version of “haha” which we understand to have the same meaning. We are not too bothered with this one; however we can occasionally take it to mean that they are getting bored with the text convo, which can make us feel hurt.

Next time you find yourself in a “what does he mean by this text” dilemma, remember to look back to this translation code. Men are simple and 99% of the times send texts with no alternative or hidden meaning for us to decode. The sooner we accept this, the better our relationships will be.

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