Don’t Be Cynical


It’s easy to grow cynical of love, to be hesitant of it’s existence, and to grow doubtful to ever experience a feeling that you have been yearning and searching for in what seems like forever. With time, we are witnesses to people who should be in love, fighting until hatred consumes their heart. We are left wondering why people break up and divorce is an necessity till they become strangers again. And we experience the anguish, hopelessness, and disbelief that is involved when your heart is broken into two as someone takes a piece of you that you fear will never be returned.

At these dark moments when you’re finally about to throw the white flag into the air to signal your readiness to give up in believing in love, just look around the world and it’s almost certain that you’ll find two people who are undeniably in love. You’ll discover people looking into each others eyes so deeply, that in you’re heart you know that two souls are sharing a conversation only understood by them. You’ll hear people talk about someone they love as a smile that only exists for one person forms upon their face while their mind wanders off to a world where they can smell, feel, and be with the person their heart is beating for. And you’ll see an attraction between two people that you once thought only existed in the pages of novels, the screens of movies, and in the happily ever afters of fairy tales.

When you’re able to see that right in front of you, you’ll want to continue your search for love no matter how difficult and gruelling the journey maybe. Because something in you will realize love truly exists in this imperfect world, and wherever it maybe for you, it’s worth looking for to experience even second of what can only be described as magically. That it’s worth it to believe in love.

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