Just Shut Up!!

For us to be heard, to be understood, to be believed in, I think it’s important to be able to speak our minds. As kids we are often told or given the permission when to speak. We either raise our hands or be scolded quiet when we got too noisy and hyper from feasting over our classmate’s sugary snack or from the kiddie adrenaline rush of running around the playground.

As adolescents having a newfound experience with passion often misunderstood as angst, we practically feel as if we have the license to speak whatever and whenever we wanted with hardly any filter. Every emotion we feel is as if all new to us, completely raw and amplified times ten and sometimes it could be so overwhelming we think no one gets us. Hey, we all have that you-know-what-I-mean emo phase, no point denying it really.

But as adults, ironically, what we learn is to when to stop speaking or simply to remain silent. You know you’re getting older when it’s now you who’s saying when to choose your own battles instead of hearing it from someone else, perhaps that someone being a certain mom or dad. You learn that even if what is on your mind is what you strongly believe is right or perhaps is what is actually right, you must remain silent. Perhaps it could be a form of pause, letting the sound of nothing linger as if to create more drama or anticipation before you chose to speak again or maybe it’s for the reason that sometimes it’s better to bite your tongue. To know when and when not to speak.

As kids we needed restraint from someone, as adolescents we reject the idea of restraint and as adults I guess it’s about knowing the right time or the right moment yourself.

So yeah, sometimes it’s better for you to just shut up (and I mean that in a good way).

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One thought on “Just Shut Up!!

  1. Graphite Grey says:

    As children, we are taught and encouraged to speak by our parents, only to spend the rest of our lives learning when and why we shouldn’t.

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