Life is Beautiful

Nothing is more amazing than a smile that has struggled though tears

Keep your head up and your heart strong! :)

“Power is being told you are not loved and not being destroyed by it”

Keep smiling no matter what is the motto of the day.

Easy, easy, easy to say but too hard to do everyday. Try at least.

Nothing is forever, when you’re sad just remember that happiness will hit you too someday, hug the hope and wait for your time, when it comes, remember that it won’t last forever either so just live it up, enjoy every second of it.

While you  wait for the best time of your life just remember to taste every opportunity that seems to lead to happiness, even if you’re scared that it won’t, even f you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll regret more if you don’t try.

Whenever you feel betrayed, sad, useless, not good enough just think that you are meant to be a strong person and you weren’t made for an easy life with medium achievements. No, you’re supposed to be a leader, a person that weaker people look up to. Don’t look for less. Always think that you can do better than you did before. Always ask yourself for more, don’t settle down when a little happiness shows up at your door, you can have more, you can have it all but only if you work harder. No pain, no game, right?

I don’t think that haters are useless, I don’t think that you should ignore them. Maybe it’s the wrong way to think, I don’t know. But maybe they have a reason to hate, maybe along the way you really did something “hateble” or maybe not. But I think that they point out your flaws and you should learn from it, don’t be sad because they exist, they are more sad than you are because they don’t even see their defects and they don’t have a beautiful life like you have, they don’t posses your strength or your skills, they just watch you from afar and comment.

So don’t be sad if you didn’t reach your goal yet, your life is not ending right now, you still have time….. also don’t forget to enjoy every moment of this amazing journey called “LIFE”, if you can’t be the best, at least you’ll be happy because you tried, you have to!!

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