Love like you have never been hurt.

So simple, yet full of so much depth.

In my world there is crazy love and forever love. Crazy love is full of passion, romance and dance! Where you give every last inch of yourself, and dive heart first into the relationship. It’s dangerous with a warning label saying : risk of intense pain!

Its youthful love. Innocent love. Without inhibitions love.

The kind of love you find in disney films and bollywood movies. Where when your eyes lock a dream sequence of rolling mountains and sari’s flying in the air begin to unfold before you, and what you think is imagination somehow becomes reality!

Then.. if you let it simmer down, you find at it’s core; the forever love. Patiently waiting for you to burn through its outer layers and find it. Sometimes you come across a rock, or a wall, or even the greatest wall of them all, but slowly slowly you work past it, climb over it, bomb it down, dig a tunnel under it and finally you get your sweet reward. Kind of like the gooey chocolate in the middle of a cadbury’s eclair! (yum!!)

I think most people get half way up the wall and then get tired and give up, forgetting what lies beyond it. Some say the grass is greener on the other side, I agree but it’s not the other side that makes the grass greener, its the journey that does!

So keep climbing, keep digging, keep throwing random stuff at it and knock that damn thing down, because forever love is the best that can be found! Better than a share that never goes down, better then the most lush pair of heels, and better than the sweetest, creamiest chocolate!

In my head forever love is patient, it is kind, it is full of little moments that can be easily ignored by an amateur eye. Its the petty arguments lapped with care and affection, and its the old couple sitting on the bench in the park in silence, but sitting together still.

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One thought on “Love

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Great blog and great post! As I said in my post yesterday, Dear Ladies Who Date Duchebags, “You can’t shake a manwhore tree and expect a saint to fall out.” We’ve got to be more selective.


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