Rolling The Dice


I think I’m only beginning to understand how hard second chances are to come by. How lucky you are if you manage to get them and how no one should ever take them for granted. I mean, no one ever wants or imagine themselves being in that place where they would need that second chance. We all have this arrogance or confidence that we won’t mess up our first chance with anything or anyone. That we would never take or granted and mess up with someone or something that so important to us that we would want it back.

But truthfully, we mess up a lot. We hurt those that mean the world to us, don’t find the courage to do the things we know we should of done, and let go of things without thinking it through. And whether we just realize how much something means to us the moment we lose it or it just hits us a bit to late of its importance, a lot of us will find ourselves in a situation where we would want nothing more for that second chance…that redo…to start all over to finally make things right and never again let go of what we once lost.

We can all argue that everyone deserves a second chance, but life just doesn’t work that way all the time. And that second chance is usually up to another person or just pure luck to have another opportunity of something. It’s something that we can beg and yearn for but can be completely out of our control. So make the most of that first chance so you don’t end up regretting it. However, if you do mess up and you get that second chance, never forget how lucky you are to have gotten it and make it count.

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