Why F**k Why??

Why does everything have to always have so much fucking drama?? It’s such a waste of effort and emotion that could be put to much more positive use. We all have problems and worries but why add to them by infusing such negative energy into everything?? Someone once said there are only two things that people worry about. Things you have control over and there is no need to worry about these as you should just act. And then those things you have no control over and there is no need to worry about these as well, they are not in your control and therefore a waste of energy. Those in action have no worries because they are always doing something. Shit or get off the potty. Whining and procrastination are for those who are too lazy to act. Attitudes and actions are contagious. If you are happy those around you will find it very hard to be sad, and in fact they will be prone to see things in a happier light and be drawn not only to the positive but to you too. If you are sad or angry or negative those around you will be effected by this energy and either be brought down within themselves and eventually distance themselves from it. It’s human nature, we all want to see if we can help but when we realize that it is a waste of effort or more effort than we are willing to expend then we will turn our back on it. So focus on the positive. EVERYTHING has a positive side and let that drive you. If you can’t see it then it’s because you don’t want to. And that is OK too. We all want to revel in our own misery from time to time. But don’t make this your life or your aim. Be a positive influence on yourself and watch the world turn positive around you no matter what the situation. There is too much negative focus in this world already between the news, “reality” tv and… You name it!!! Don’t let it influence your mind or your heart. Where you find your thoughts, there be your heart… And your life…. And your possibility. So strive for being a clearing and possibility for something new and positive and watch the opportunities arise in your future!!

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