I consider myself not a spontaneous person. I like taking calculated risks, squeezing and weighing each possible pros and cons in each and every possible angle first till my brain goes into self-inflicted hemorrhage and well that’s when I take it as a sign to make that final decision already. It’s my personal definition of “living life without regrets“. I usually if not always have a plan. Know what, I’m the type of person that needs a plan to function well. Otherwise I’d feel frustrated, stressed out and have no sense of control.

What I do have a tended streak of though is to act impulsive. In shopping, my mom would be in complete awe of me when the mall would close in ten minutes and I’d still get to snag a couple of clothing items–most of which I’ve even fitted in the dressing room. Booyah!

I’m not fond of crazy (at least in my mind) outdoor activities such as diving off a mini-cliff inside a bat cave (with a water-filled catch basin of course), but during that one time where a group of us did, I found myself waving the offensive bird unto the wind and jumped my ass off. No inhibitions, no what ifs, just jumped in with a full-on blank state of mind. I didn’t want to think anymore or delved myself into tiny details, I simply did. The memory of it was exhilarating. It was awesome. I felt like a badass adrenaline junkie for like five seconds. Up top!

If you know me well enough you’d know that I tend to be really uptight when it comes to matters of decision-making, but there comes those certain exceptional instances wherein my brain would reach overdrive due to worry and stress and I’d just find myself saying, “F*ck it, whatever” and jump into doing stuff without thinking. And you know what? Most of these “stuff” I did impulsively turn out to be the most memorable ones I had so far in life. Granted that not all of these impulsiveness turn out to have positive results, but they end up being the most interesting anecdotes to share–a proof that life has been well lived.

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