Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Allright. Today I feel the urge to talk about relationships and men boys. Unless you are dating an extremely emotional and sensitive guy (which I usually steer clear of anyway), there is one lesson that I learn over and over again: guys do not stress about things nearly as half as we do. Now, I am probably more neurotic and paranoid than the average girl but let’s face it- when things are going downhill in your love life, it affects everything. I spent the last couple of days over thinking and over analyzing a small argument I had with the boy I like. Women always say they want to talk. “We need to talk. I want to talk. Can we talk? etc etc etc.” But the truth is, a lot of the things we want to say are a result of over thinking. We’re not thinking clearly and logically; we’re thinking with our emotions. Case in point: tonight I tried to talk to aforementioned boy and basically sent him two paragraphs (in a guy’s eyes: a fucking essay. run.) In return, I got a meme. He sent me a meme. Then he logged off saying everything was fine, and that he was going to the gym.

Ladies, guys don’t want an emotional wreck. Well, okay. The right guy will love you no matter what, even if you are a crazy, pre-menstrual bitch who may or may not start eating a package of cookies at 10:00 am and cry in her cubicle listening to Taylor Swift. I mean, what?

But while you’re still looking for this guy, don’t be that girl. If you’re worried that he’s texting another girl who’s hotter and ‘funner’ than you, there is a chance that he will be if you come knocking at his door a blubbering mess every night. The sad truth is, I didn’t used to be this girl. When we were justfriends, I wouldn’t have given this argument a second thought. I miss being happy and joking around. Oh how far I’ve fallen. But that’s the way it goes

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2 thoughts on “Baby Don’t Hurt Me

  1. iamkaicee says:

    I totally get what you mean! 😦

  2. charmedbylove says:

    pick yourself up and rise strongly once again! take care! ^_^

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