Changes In Life


Things change. It’s a cliche that we all have, all heard and used countless times in our lives. And as each second passes that eventually accumulates into a year, we realize that time chooses to ignore our desperate plea to slow down so we could take a deep breath and enjoy the moments we wish could be frozen and last for an eternity. Worse of all, is that we try to ignore the fact that things change and we become blindsided and betrayed by life when the world we were only starting to feel comfortable with changes before our eyes.

We face the unexpected by having to say goodbye to the people we always thought was going to be part of our future. Death, distance, fights, and broken hearts leave us in a state of depression and shock as people we loved suddenly disappear from our lives. The places we have become so familiar with becomes just a memory as we go from high school, to college, to finding new jobs and moving to new cities. And when we look in the mirror, we will see a much different person that we once thought we were from the past. We will be scared and broken by challenges and hardships we never saw coming but had to face. And we will also be more matured by the lessons that we have learnt and possibly even happier by the dreams and people that entered our lives; changing it for the better.

Time won’t ever stop and things will forever be changing. Chances are we won’t ever get use to and completely happy with it. And as much we wish to be stuck in the past, especially in difficult times, we should remember that everything and everyone that was part of our lives is still with us through memories and has help shaped who we have become. Things change – new memories will be created, new people will be met, and new experience will be had. Cherish and enjoy every second before the next thing changes in life.

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