So Alone


I’ve never felt more alone in my life than I do now…this feels like my breaking point.

I’ve been crying on and off for the past 3 hours, just about everything. I feel like I’ve lost my purpose. I feel like I’m lost altogether. I’m usually the most positive person when it comes to others, but as for myself, I can’t seem to find it…

Life is hard. Life is getting to me. Reality is interfering with a lot of my dreams, goals and aspirations. It isn’t becoming the journey I expected it to be. It’s becoming overwhelming to where I can’t handle it.

And I just don’t have friends that I can call and talk to about any of this. I want it so bad, but I don’t have it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just wanna be happy is all.

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7 thoughts on “So Alone

  1. keep writing…find that scared little one inside you and give her love

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  3. Thanks always means a lot in any language.

  4. Yep, keep expressing yourself, and stay true to your dreams. Good luck!

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