Who Am I?


I think that it would be interesting to see how other people saw me. I wonder what they see and how close it comes to how I view myself. Would I fall under some stereotype such as a a nerd or a trouble maker? I’m curious to see how many people would think I’m popular on the days when I feel most alone, happiest when I’m in a masked turmoil, and lucky when my life is falling apart behind close doors.

I wonder what peoples first impressions of me are. Do I seem approachable or scary to you? Do I come off as confident or cocky? Shy or a loner? And after people have gotten to know me, how did their view of me change? I even find myself wondering how many people have found me attractive, how many people actually spend time thinking about me randomly, or am I just another face that will become a stranger in their memories.

Who am I to people? Am I just an acquaintance to the person I consider a friend? Am I hated by a person I like? Am I your best friend or do you see me something more than that? Am I someone who inspires you when I feel like I have done nothing at all? Am I someone you had a crush on during a time when I felt unappealing? I don’t know what I would find, but I’m curious to see what I look like in other peoples eyes.

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One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. jdhoward says:

    I’ve asked the same questions because I’ve come to realize that people see more in me than I see in myself, so I feel I have to live up to it. It’s quite annoying. Who am I really?

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