Does Happily Ever After Exist?



It’s the ultimate girly girl hopelessly romantic fantasy–a heroic someone sweeping you off your feet, slaying dragons and surpassing evil apple-feeding witches along the way in order to rescue the poor damsel in distress from her stepmother’s ivory tower. And the golden price? A smack on the lips and a hope for happily ever after.

This is the usual template for a classic fairytale, or at least one concocted by classic Disney (of course this wasn’t always the case eventually). It’s the kind of story I grew up with as a kid, bringing back a certain kind of nostalgia that makes you smile and feel fuzzy for awhile. But then as years pass, I guess I realized this way of thinking, maybe is just what it is: a fantasy. I’m not saying like it’s a bad thing, but now I realize it’s not that of a good thing either…maybe not if you’re the kind of girl, a damsel, who just waits to be “saved” and let the princes do all the work. Feminist much?

Funny, how a seemingly harmless fairytale would reflect the kind of thinking the society at that time has and how it affected us of the Generation X (which is how we call my generation back in the 90′s when Spice Girls where the hottest thing evah). On the surface, stories like these give people or little girls around the planet heart bubbles floating like halos above their untainted young minds, bringing forth a certain kind of “hope” or perhaps as an adult, “wishful thinking”. And who could blame them? It’s easier that way and for some, more romantic (or dramatic?).

Which brings me to another fairytale word: destiny. Yeah, yeah. Some believe in this thing called kismet or serendipity and I guess to believe it depends somehow on the way you perceive it. As a kid filled with the intoxicating illusions of being the princess that needed to be saved, destiny meant you being found by someone. But growing up, I learned that it isn’t about the waiting but more of the “being” or “becoming”.

Yes kids, in this new age world where royal princes are now known as vampires and dragons are replaced by zombies you don’t solely rely anymore on finding “The One” but more so about being or becoming “The One”. But how to be that exactly? Get your sword on (no pun intended) and your body armor in tow? Or get a kickass side braid like Katniss and join The Bachelor? Because the concept seems totally logical, but the specifics are blurred and simply vague. Ergo point taken but not necessarily helpful. And what if you really do need saving, like being saved from yourself against the ivory tower that YOU built and not by some evil stepmom?

Damn, what is it about these fairytales?

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