The Sky Cries



Sometimes the sky
Just has to cry
The tears fall from above
Like shiny droplets of love
The cold pricks on my skin
Offset the heat of within
Quenching the fire I hold inside
Wind beats in time with my strides
Heavy in the air is grief
Twirling on the storm like a leaf
My passion is gone with the wind
Leaving negativity thinned
In its place is the calm of heart
Awakes the stillness in part
The chill only found in the eye
All around passion does fly
But here in the destruction
I find simple construction
Simplicity of a child
Found in a young girl wild
Sometime you have to let go
To find what all along you know
Dance in the rain
To find what hides in your brain
Let the blue be your tears
Washing away all your fears
May the water make you clean
Each drop a horror you’ve seen
Watch it flow away
Replaced with what shall stay

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