Just A Choice


One of my best friends was in quite a pickle recently. He was in a position where he was a choice. What the fuck? He’s amazing. He’s intelligent. He’s caring. He’s handsome. He’s the ANSWER.

As much as you love someone and think you two belong together, how long can you stick around being a choice? Not too long. You may be ok with it at first, thinking that at least your a thought in the chooser’s mind. But the longer you’re a choice, you eventually get fed up.

When someone is the one then I don’t think there needs to be minutes, hours, or even days to help you figure out the answer. Love. You know it when you feel it and you definitely know WHO you feel it for. Although, I do believe there are those certain cases when your heart has room for two. I get it. Life throws us curve balls like that, more often than any of us like. But if you are going to take those minutes, hours, and days to evaluate the situation, separate your feelings of lust, love, and in love and pick your poison and stick with it.

Although, the said chooser did make a choice, it is not one that they are sticking by or sticking with. This person is subconsciously (maybe even consciously, who knows) setting that relationship up for failure. The real answer is (straight from the horses mouth) the other..

Let’s hope the chooser realizes that sometimes…second chances don’t come around too often and even if that second chance comes, life will throw your ass that curve ball and it may turn out to be a swing and a miss.

Aaand that’s the ball game.

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