Soul mates


Sometimes you look at two people who are truly destined to be together.  It’s not just a physical compatibility, it’s the undeniable connection that just emits from them.

There are some relationships that seem to work very well but the two parties involved, in one way or another, seem to not fit.  The fire has disappeared.  The romance becomes business.  That’s when you start to realize the difference between love and in love.

In other relationships, you can tell that two people have such a strong connection, one that onlookers take years and years searching for. But there are those times where (their) perfection can’t win and there seems to be everything you can possibly imagine blocking their eternal bliss


I have had an up close view of a dear friend’s relationship with their lover that has gone to hell and back and up to limbo.  (What a fucking ride!)  It’s a total soap opera and I secretly, (ok! openly) enjoy every detail.  As I think it is the best real life soap opera I’ve come across, they have noted it is the worse. (Ha!) Their relationship wasn’t a horrible one, just one that needed a lot of polishing.  But even though it was quite rocky, they were (are) each other’s destiny.  They knew it from when they first spoke and we knew it when we first saw them look at each other.  So many of us have cheered on this relationship, hoping for that ending we always expect in a love story and yet timing is telling them, in almost every way possible, NOT NOW.

Some people say that love and relationships are easy or at least if it’s real love it should be seamless and others say that it’s hard work.  I agree with the latter. Love takes patience (something not many people have), honesty (something that most people have difficulty with), and compromise (an absolute hard task for two people who need the last word).

It seems in their certain situation that all those things need to be found and nurtured with other people before they fit perfectly in their puzzle.  I will always be their #1 supporter but if this is direction their love story must go, so be it.  ”The Notebook” by Nicolas Sparks took us on the journey from two people belonging to one another, then losing touch and longing for each other, then back together walking into forever holding hands.  I’ve seen them go through the first two chapters, I’m just waiting on them to step into their happily ever after…


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