Ignorance is Bliss


Trust is tricky too isn’t it. Trust some people, not others. Know you can tell one person something and not someone else. Let one person in and they are the one who hurts you the most.

It’s not even like you planned all this.  Even when I take my time and let someone in slowly I make bad choices.  It all starts out differently from the last time. Maybe it’s just human nature.  Maybe it doesn’t matter at all how anything starts out. Sadly, it seems to end the same each and every time I trust someone it ends badly.

Then you see them later and they tell you its not you but they seem to be happy and you are sitting there having done healthy good things for and with them and they dismiss it.

It’s not even about my feeling foolish. It appears that I have come to the quiet realization that people who can’t do, teach.  Meaning I can tell anyone who talks to me what to avoid, how to have this great attitude about things.  I do the same thing in my life and yet I can’t figure out what I’m missing for myself.

And each and every time it happens, I think, it’s okay. Next time. Next time it will be different, next time I won’t miss this fatal flaw in someone. I will take longer, try harder, think better, move forward without fear!

No chip on my shoulder. Now I do though. I have a chip now.  I don’t believe in anyone.  It’s like those who we depend on the most are ultimately the ones who let us down the hardest.

The guru’s say, you have to figure yourself out, you attract things, you need to focus!  I do. It seems to me that it doesn’t matter.  It seems like the more I change the more I see the garbage behaviors of other people around me. The more I see bad things in other people and if you pay attention enough you’ll see that you too, have an agenda.  It may be a good agenda, you may have good motives. After all who doesn’t want to be happy?

Or at least sufficiently pleased with their life because they all tell you, no one is perfect, nothing is perfect.  Frankly, I will be happy to sidestep any more life lessons which are designed to teach me something.

I’ve learned enough. At some point, I would like to reap the rewards. They all say it starts with us. If this is true I must be missing something really important within myself for the things that keep happening to keep happening.

This, is a fact.  This isn’t a pity party blog. This is all about viewing the world from a better place and it’s not working. It hasn’t worked in a long time. Rose colored glasses only work for so long before you want to run them over with your car. I don’t normally wear rose colored glasses maybe that’s a good idea.

They say ignorance is bliss.

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