The reality is people care about themselves and the only reason they do anything at all, is to make themselves happy in some capacity. It’s not to truly care about another human being… is it? It is to get what they think they want and people don’t know themselves all that well to begin with. As a matter of fact, if they ever notice anything at all, they don’t get to know themselves until their life is such a mess they have no choice but to make changes. Even then, surely it must be someone else’s fault. Lord knows they did nothing wrong.

It’s all about getting what they want, how they want it, by any means necessary. They truly don’t care about how they go about obtaining these things or who they hurt as they go along. Life has all these lessons and we learn them at the hands of others who only maintain a level of anything good and decent until they get what they want from someone else.

Humans are highly self absorbed. Sure they smile pretty, say nice things, unfortunately though you have to watch them because many turn on you in the blink of an eye. Doesn’t matter if they’re wrong or it will hurt someone else. They do it anyway. As long as they can get away with whatever it is they’re doing and no one is the wiser, many people will do whatever to whomever, whenever they like.

And as long as they cannot be held accountable and get away with it, who is the wiser? If you don’t play the games people play you are the outcast. You are the one with the problem because you do not conform. Seems to me its all backwards thinking and as of late I have been considering turning over a new leaf. Smile and give them a taste of their own medicine. They wouldn’t even see it coming.

The most disturbing thing of all is how other people justify bad behavior. They make all kinds of excuses. You think you know someone but I assure you the person you see behind smiling eyes is not the person who exists under the surface. People have all kind of things going on under the surface. If you watch them long enough you can see them give away who they are one little thing at a time. Contradictions abound in people’s behaviors they talk all this bull all day long but see them in a situation and 9x’s out of 10 they never act the way they claim they would in any circumstance. Sure they talk a lot of shit but when push comes to shove? There’s nothing going on under the surface.

And you all think, you’re living this wonderful life and everyone around you is all honest and sincere. You do know, when you leave, they talk about you. We all talk about one another. It comes with being human. People cannot keep their mouth shut. Don’t believe me?

Are you blogging? Have you ever blogged about a friend or family member anonymously who you were pissed off at? Yah. You do it too. See, case and point.

Be careful. You never know who is behind smiling eyes.

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One thought on “Really

  1. Graphite Grey says:

    An interesting view of humanity, stating that humans nothing more than selfish beings and masters of subterfuge, acting merely for their own gain. In general terms I do agree; from what I’ve observed throughout my short lifetime, you accusations are accurate. However, they are accurate only to a certain extent.
    Being a human being myself, I cannot deny the truth being that – as a human – I act in order to generally promote myself. Although, I do not do this for the sole purpose of demoting others. Often, the promotion of myself is not worth the demotion of others; thus, I refuse to act upon (selfish) self-promotion. I do not claim to be a saint, nor should any human. I find that some action is derived through quantitative reasoning, instead of qualitative; judging the choice of action through worth (weighing the pros and cons relative to oneself), and not whether it is completely righteous or immoral. Other times, however rare they might be, people do the complete opposite; making the morally right or wrong choice, whether or not it benefits them as an individual. But I digress.
    Humans are naturally selfish and sly beings. It is simply primitive survival instincts. However, our choice to abandon such acts to benefit others… it is not entirely non-existent; but very close to being so.

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