Don’t Miss Treat Us

Today wasn’t an epiphany, but a tiresome reaffirmation that women are forgetting their worth.

I sat today with someone I work with listening to her fallen tales of dating, hearing about guys asking for “pics” which we all know aren’t cute pictures of our bright and smiling faces, but ass shots, boob shots, and nudity.

I’m not a feminist.  I still believe that men should do the outside work, like pushing a lawn mower because I absolutely loathe getting sticky and sweaty.  I enjoy when a guy opens the door for me, and I’m not going to object to having my dinner bought.  But those things should not come at a price of one’s dignity.  Women should not be put on their knees – metaphorically or literally – just because you took her out on on a date.

What happened to the gentlemen?

Nothing.  They are in the exact same place that they always were.  The problem is that women think to be with a guy or to get the guy, they have to put out.  They have to be overtly sexual.  And they have to let the guy know that they can have it.

None of the above is a true statement, and if you are sitting there thinking that it is, we have some work to do.

Now, I’m not saying that a woman can’t openly express her sexuality like a man.  If that’s the type of woman you are, more power to you, you confident, sexy woman, you.

I am talking about women thinking they have to be something they’re not, lowering themselves because they want to be with someone, and they think that’s the only way it’s ever going to happen.

You’re not just an object.

You’re not just sex.

You’re not your chest.

You’re not your ass.

You are who you are, and that is more than enough.

This is a step towards a society where thirteen year olds aren’t sexting because they think that’s the only way the opposite sex is going to talk to them.

You have been lead astray, and I want to bring you back.

I want you to own your confidence, yourself, and realize that there are men out there willing to wait, to open doors, and to pay for dinner – all expecting nothing in return but your company and a chance to better get to know the person you are.

Good guys don’t finish last, and good girls shouldn’t be mistreated.

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