Apparently, I’m currently suffering all the aches and pains one could really imagine… I am suffering the curse of the women.. Or as everybody calls it, PreMenstrual Syndrome. Since I was young, having my periods aren’t really the best days of my life. Dysmenorrhea and PMS struck me all the time; sometimes I can’t walk, I can’t think, everything’s painful, I wanna eat everything, I don’t wanna eat everything, I feel skinny, I feel bloated and all sorts of comparisons I could write, which makes it harder for me to handle my emotions at this time of the month. I am,in no doubt, moody beyond comparison which leads me to the part where I need to give props to my boyfriend for putting up with me during my “monster times”. I can really say,in behalf of all the girls in the world, going through this stuff is NEVER easy! I could trade any minute to be a boy, but realizing these valuable stuffs made me think twice. Having to go through these pains signifies the strength of a real woman. Though I am in so much pain right now,emotionally and physically, I love being a woman.

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3 thoughts on “PMS

  1. Rowan says:

    That’s great – i really like that. I feel your pain! My PMS problem is CRAZY CRAVINGS. Chocoholics unite!
    Rowan S.R.

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