Take My Breath Away!

Hold on to me, watch me breathe
make sure I’m just sleeping,
because you take my breath away.
Stay with me,
keep me here for another day.

What I know is this;
I know that it’s not much,
but I know that you make me
better with each touch.

You’re all that I believe
you brought me back to life,
made life worth living,
pulled out that twisting knife.

It’s not what you think
it’s not like how you saw,
it’s not like we’re married
I’m not breaking any law.

You can’t tell me
I’d be alright without you.
On better days I wouldn’t believe it,
baby can’t you see it?

I know you need a little time
I will wait, let these days blend together.
Just as long as you come back to me
don’t you know that I need you forever?

Drag me off on a magic carpet,
pull me down a rabbit hole
take me away, anywhere
just us two.
Can’t you see I need you?

Too little too late,
life’s too short I’m afraid.
Rapidly impending,
darkness is descending.

You’re slipping I can feel it
don’t leave me please,
Break me into bits
rather than do this.

I can feel that you gave up,
so we haven’t got much time.
It’s a knowing beat that sears my soul
I won’t get far without half my whole.

Goodbye and goodnight,
this show can’t go on.
I’m sorry for my sins
I know now that I was wrong.

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