Baby Don’t Hurt Me

If I had to guess.. I’d say that 70-80% of the public has a miss construed perception of what legitimate love is. There are many interpretations of what love is. It’s fascinating what different people come up with, but the vast majority call love but a another dangerous “L” word. Lust. Look around you. Commercials and tv shows, the music and music videos, all glorify love falsely as lust. The term love has been perverted and twisted every where you see it. In my personal opinion, if I had to summarize love in a sentence or so, I would state simple this. Love is unfathomably. It cannot be defined in one single sentence , nor can the experience of it be belittled to one messily sentence. It’s just not possible. Love is different for everyone, and a different journey through it and discovering another person. It somewhat bothers me when people my age say they just want to know who they will marry or be with later on. That’s half the adventure is falling in love. If you try to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly, you only have peanut butter. If you have a relationship with no love, you don’t have a relationship. Let’s face it. You can’t force or push love. Even in a successful arranged marriage, love works on its own terms and own schedule. It’s like a flower. When you take the time to maintain it, it stays beautiful and healthy. But you cannot expect something to grow where you never planted anything. People underestimate love and the dedication of your effort, time, and even money towards it. If you want to see real love in your life, it’s really simple. So many people have such a chaotic formula for love, but it can never be predicted, and no, you cannot prepare for it. If you look for love, your never going to find it. Realize that before you keep reading. Never. It will find you. And it often finds you subtly, but others have been known to be somewhat drop kicked in the face by it. It’s different for everyone. You know, like the movies. Sometimes you end up falling for the one person you cannot stand. Other times, they were beside you the whole time! If you take one thing from this post, take the fact that you won’t find love if you look for it. Don’t push it. When your ready, or maybe when your not, love will be! Love isn’t lustful, it’s not forceful, and it’s certainly not expected, but it’s wonderful. It’s what you make it, and not how you chase it.

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