Be Happy

We have such an elaborate pre-defined picture of happiness painted in our minds that we tend to jump to conclusions at the slightest mention of anything contrary to our belief. To the general public, sunshine depicts joy, radiance defines hope; but for a person like me who has stayed in the hot and humid weather of Mumbai and the completely weather beat city of Pune; those words signify nothing but traumatizing heat, sweat and a throbbing head!

Almost each one of us has gone thought that particular situation when even the last drop of water in our classmate’s water bottle seems more precious than the finest elixir and we are ready to be forever indebted to that person in exchange of the same. Ya well… this occurs almost every summer in my case and am pretty sure that I am currently indebted to around fifteen people or so! So in a matter of speaking, the point here is that one bottle of joy and satisfaction is quite contrary to our general perception of happiness. It is cold, damp and invariably scarce. But nevertheless it is the same cylindrical confined space of one litre that earns a thank you, brings you friends and keeps you alive for another hour or so!

Happiness is not what you get, but what you make of it! I see people around me who throw away true joy, ignorant of the reality that they have yet to face. And then they say, “Life is really unfair!” A friend of mine remarked only recently about something really strange that was supposedly mentioned in the book ‘The Secret’. I am neither a fan of spiritual and self-help books nor a great believer. But it went about something like this. “When you think of something positively, the probability of that thing occurring is greater than any other negative thought about the same thing” So if you wish to kill someone; don’t say that! Just wish that person be replaced by someone better and keep your fingers crossed! :p

But seriously enough, this thing does work to a certain extent. Then why not define happiness the same way? The way we should see it? Positive, outward and strong. If darkness gives you happiness then make it your sing song but let no one tell you that it is the pre cursor to evil! Get that joy for yourself irrespective of the fact whether it is summer on the deck or winter in a bottle. It shouldn’t matter as long as your lips are spread wide across from cheek to cheek with a gleam in your eyes. It is a simple life, live it simply, stay happy.

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