Without You….

Sometime, the only thing that pulls me apart from going completely insane and losing all control is the helplessness that I go through every day. This might seem like a killer dialogue from a vampire romance flick but sadly and happily, it is completely true and real.

How long will I continue to shudder at your touch? For how long will I melt down with a silent tap on the shoulder? How long will it take for me to get over those angel eyes? How long can you endure my peering gaze? And for how long will I lose track of time and dream of a world based solely on you?
Whenever I look into those eyes, I see my reflection and just pure content. Whenever I walk alongside you, my feet add a silent spring to the stride. Whenever I put my arm around you, it feels as if the time is just right. Whenever I hear you speak, my whole mind calms down all at once. Whenever I watch you go, my heart just slows down by a million beats. You reflect my every action, compliment my every move. You complete me in your own way and give me a will to live.

I see you every day. Watch you from dawn to dusk. I practically move along like a shadow, next to you. But still when you leave me I feel like I can’t pull through. My thoughts start with you, my thoughts end with you, my every core feeling has its roots in you. What is it that binds us so? Why are we meant for one another? The questions strike me many a times, but then the answer always comes at once. It doesn’t really matter why we need each other, it doesn’t really matter what holds us together. All that matters is the life that we live and the meaning that it holds, for both of us.

Every day I sit next to you, laugh around and irritate you. But never do I leave the thought that fuels my heart day and night. I trouble you every five minutes in a day, and often mock you harshly without using my brain. But then just next second I come to my senses and say a soft sorry so that no one can hear. That brings a smile to your fallen face and a thought of relief in my dumb head. Yet again I continue the same; because your innocence is the only thing that my heart appreciates. The cute smile that you cast at me, the mocking faces with which you tease me. All those things, just make it better and I find myself entering deeper and deeper.

A day will come when, all this will be routine. The novelty will be lost forever and the magic will be dull. But for now it is fresh and I wake up to it every day. So let me pen it down before time takes it away.

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