A Simple Mere Word


What comes to mind after uttering that mere word? Such a word should simply be treated as a mere word, should it not? Why does that word act as a place holder for the the very line between insanity or reality? Why does the brain not comprehend? an arithmetical sequence of complex linguistics? It merely adopts 4 letters, merely. How devilishly beautiful those letters sound together. When said melody is vocalized a spine chilling rush of euphoria and anguish seep through my body as if that word infected me with memories that were blissfully suppressed. How is it possible this word controls the very essence of human nature. This word pushes the limits of our existence. This word makes us believe, when our faith was forgotten. This simple word makes life worth living and fighting for. This word,





whose 4 letters illuminates the path of the lost and empty. Uttering this word fills the crevices of the heart with the warmth of them. This word, a word possibly regurgitated too often without the true understanding of its power, is a miracle.

This word, is Love.

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2 thoughts on “A Simple Mere Word

  1. Wow! You can write. I enjoy. Thank-you for sharing your gift.

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