Blank Pages


I always liked thinking that life was kind of like a blank book that was awaiting to be filled with a story – our story. And as years went by, these empty pages have slowly been filled with adventure, love, sadness, hatred, anger, and numerous plot twists that we wish were never written.

Characters that were so important to your story gets written out for reasons you will never understand. And unexpected people manage to find they way into your life and forever changing the direction your story was going in – for the better or for the worse. You will find the settings to be at places you never imagined being in. And you will see the amazing growth of the main character, changing into someone that no one could of ever predicted.

One day when you look back at the story you have written for yourself and you will wonder how all these empty pages got filled. You’ll be surprise how many things you have gone through, how many things you have faced and conquered, and how many faces have come and gone throughout the course of life. And in the end, you’ll realize these once blank pages are filled with what defines your life – evidence that your life meant more than what you ever expected it to be.

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