Oh The Memories

Throughout primary school or high school you knew if someone liked you. One of the most simplest of relationships happen when you were in primary or high school. A lot of the time primary school isn’t counted I guess– but what I’m trying to say is that if a boy or girl liked you, you’d know about it. The thing about when you’re younger is that you don’t care as much because you know you’re only young and you know that it will be easily forgotten….eventually.

A note will either be passed around to you with two boxes saying either a yes or a no. “Will you go out with me” will be scrawled on the scrunched up bit of paper and the messenger would be trying to be stealthy about the whole note by trying not to smile and give away anything. But you knew what was on that note, but you pretended to be coy about it all. Once you circled/ticked the box that said yes, that’s it, you were in a “relationship” with that person. It was done. Love, back then was so damn simple.

Even in high school if you liked someone. The older you got the more upfront people became about it. However a lot of the time you had the upgraded version of the little love note from primary school and that was either via MSN chat or text. If you were lucky you got a phone call or you were asked to “go out” as in become someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend in person. But either way you never had any confusion as to whether you were official with someone.

I was having a discussion with one of my best friend’s and he was enjoying someone’s company and was confused as to where the relationship was heading. All of a sudden with what felt like out of nowhere, they’re official and when I asked him how it happened he said, “it kind of just happened”. See, the confusing thing about adult relationships (out in the big world) is that, it’s not as simple as it was when you were younger, a simple love note or a straight out asking someone to “go out with you”, you’re left playing the guessing game and wondering whether you’re an item or not.

Why can’t the simple principles from when we were younger transfer onto today’s relationships. It’s too exhausting to guess these days and what happens if someone assumes you’re together when you’re oblivious to it and you still go on dates with other people? You become the bad, confused person. Let’s go back to old school lovin’ and bring back the love notes, I say.

Will you go out with me?
Yes ( ) or No ( )

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