Do You Believe

Not sure what prompted me to pen this piece this very moment but I’m sure its inspired by a fear of mine. The fear of dying with bottled up expressions of belief. I spend a lot of my time deep in thought, I also enjoy observing behaviors and trying to decode the why’s and how’s of life – the human soul/spirit fascinates me as much as the human brain; two separate compartments of the human life that need to be in tune with each other in order to fulfill your greatest potential. Though I’m not sure how much percentage of the human brain is used or can be used, I do think it’s more than enough if you know how to balance it with something so powerful as an intangible spirit.

Complicated mysteries intrigue me, none more so than religion. I have formulated a very strong opinion on my beliefs and I would like to share it with you. I am not religious but rather very spiritual. I can rarely have these discussions with people because most people are not as open-minded as they think and are quick to shutdown any notion of possible religious “blaspheming”. To me, no religion is truly factual but simply a strong belief on a well-presented knowledge or in layman’s terms, an intensely strong cultural opinion. I believe that no one is right or wrong when it comes to their belief and should never impose on others. Share yes, impose no. I will never tell you that I think your religion is wrong, I’ll simply tell you what and why I believe and will be glad to answer any questions and have an intellectual conversation about it.

Many of you may share the same thoughts as me, some of you may share the same thoughts but not as deep and some may call me insane. I love to learn why people believe what they believe and once I learn that, I then want to know if they really believe what they think they believe. I question many of the beliefs that are out there not because it’s not factual but because logically in a religious sense there are too many discrepancies for me be satisfied. I grew up in a catholic church/school, studied and learned the bible and believed it as much as any one with a similar upbringing; but as I got older I wanted to understand why I believed it. (Its impossible to fully understand something so intricate so young, you just go with the flow without questioning.) Heck at 8 years old, you couldn’t convince me that WWF was fake. Another reason why I am opposed to getting my daughter baptized, I believe she has to right to understand what she’s being subjected to. A belief is not something one should decide for others. Society tends to unintentionally intentionally impose behaviors on people, to the point where it becomes the norm without any clear understanding. God Bless America? Why just us?

While, I do believe in God and yes I feel my spirit and soul were created by a higher power. This is where my thoughts become interesting. I am a strong believer of destiny, I do believe our lives have already been written, I also DO NOT believe in free will. In most religions, correct me if I’m mistaken, but God is an all-knowing being. All knowing means, limitless, which means there is nothing that God does not know. With that being said, knowing the future falls under God’s knowing umbrella ella ella ehh, no? I believe that we should live life as if we do have free will, but at the end of the day any ultimate decision we made was already part of the final script. Example, lets say you created and wrote a movie, would any scene surprise you if you wrote and watched it time after time? God wrote our movie, we just haven’t read the script. I believe we were all put here for a reason, we are all examples for one another, there are signs everyday, the ones we catch is because we were meant to and vice versa. When I say “Everything happens for a reason” I mean everything.. the good the bad the ugly the beautiful the sad the happy. Trace your life back to as far as you can remember and you’ll realize that even the littlest moment in your life impacted where you are at this very minute. Think about what happened after that little moment and ask yourself what would have happened if the little moment had happened slightly different. Take it a step further and figure out what caused the cause of the little moment.

Some are in tune with their spirits some aren’t. Neither luck nor coincidence exist, just a natural course of life. There is meaning in every little thing we do. God does not get mad; it wouldn’t make sense if God did. God does not punish, if anything God is probably enjoying some popcorn as he watches his movie. Not everyone was meant to have a “good “life, that’s just the reality motion picture he wrote, does that make God not a loving, being? I don’t know the answer to that but I’ve noticed that there is a positive in every negative. Did God know Adam and Eve were going to go after that macintosh before they even knew? Of course! So was the outcome a punishment? Absolutely not, that’s just how it had to play out. Only the two lovebirds were in awe of what happened, not God. Why was a situation so pure and innocent exposed to such an evil antagonist? Or is this a mere lesson of a story within a much bigger story? Much like the rest of the bible (That’s a whole nother’ entry)

I do believe in prayer but for different reasons, I like to ask for hints of what God knows, I put positive thoughts out in my mind and into the world. I hope that the plan I have for myself is consistent with the script that God has written. When a favorable outcome happens to you, it’s not because you wished or prayed for it, but it is because that outcome was in your plans and vice versa. When you are truly in tune with your soul I feel that life’s purpose becomes more clearer to you because the higher being connects thru us spiritually. I live life as if it is not planned out but understand and accept that it is. I believe that God has big plans for me but that belief is shared by many, even those who died yesterday, today and tomorrow.. Tomorrow is promised to no-one but Yesterday. God didn’t wake up and decide he’s going to take a life, that decision was known from the beginning of time. One can only hope for what one considers is best…

Thoughts on where we go in the afterlife are another entry in itself that I’ll write about soon. Till then, looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and comments. It’s 5:09am, I’m sleepy and have to be up soon for Jayda bugs 4th bday party… I’m sure I’ve left out plenty that would add to my logic but I think my thoughts can be understood…

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