See and Accept

To see things in color since, from what I know, people are rarely limited to the visual experience of seeing ONLY in black and white. That was until…I opened my eyes to the world that we live within and immediately realized that in a million different ways this world is only black and white for most people; No grey, no rainbows. No rainbows, haha.

It’s funny how ignorance plagues the beautiful and the intimate. Sexualizes the innocent and tears down the true purpose of our human experience. The experience is ostracized; The true experience, that is. We’ve somehow outlived the true purpose of living; to love is to accept difference. To live is to experience every difference this world has to offer. Difference being the sound of the instrument that makes the music come to life. The bangs, the booms, the static, the cymbals, the peaks…the logarithmic fade outs.

The things that don’t make sense are to only ever be accepted once questioning incessantly fails to enable the furtherance of the knowledge you seek. Some things are meant to be misunderstood, it is only then the lesson can be learned. What’s understood is accepted in a manner that is nearly automatic, and the acceptance of what’s foreign is immediately deterred by one’s inability to make sense of it.

It is not always your place to make sense of the colors on your pallet, it is only your place to use them to the best of your ability, and try to make that portrait as beautiful as you can.
The world is alive and in full color, for every living being to see. The shades, however, are where truth and true beauty lies. Learn to see every color as beautiful, learn to see them all as brightly and vividly as you would the boldest ones.

Even if they’re washed out, too dark to hold light, or just don’t make sense to you. They deserve to be acknowledged and included as a part of the spectrum. Color does not disgust, it doesn’t repulse, it does not shame, it only beautifies wherever it’s used.
Everyone is red, we are all breathing exclamation points with our lives yelling before us.

The best people I have in my life are the ones who don’t really understand me, and because they feel they do not have the capacity to do so, do not try to figure me out. They see my color, and they respect it. Even if they do not understand exactly how my particular shade came to be.

The experience must be hd. It must be colourful. The only way to live is without a multitude of hate growing within you.

Alas, this is just a world filled to its top with ignorance, and for some reason I still believe no amount of love or clarity can fix it. Brains like placenta, thoughts become the afterbirth of the ignorance instilled within the womb of you. A sadness I cannot convey well enough to induct the shame you should carry. Your words are the bruises that hinder time. Nothing dead grows. Nothing ignorant knows. There is no love where hate festers.

Sincerely, get the fuck over yourselves, you ignorant bastards.

See and accept, the simplicity makes it doable.

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2 thoughts on “See and Accept

  1. Ali Rasheed says:

    Great Blog!

  2. “the simplicity makes it doable” great line.

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