So Annoyed!!

Things that annoy me.

Sometimes technology annoys me, depends on the day and my mood. So yes, that makes it all about me doesn’t it. Yes, it does.

Do we really have to be hooked into one another like we are? Do we have to know where someone is, what is on their phone, what is on their computer, among other things. Yes, there are privacy buttons but every app you download, if you read the install portion says it will hook into your stuff and everyone gets to see and use it. Invasive much? Unless you have something to hide however I am talking strictly about privacy. Personal privacy. Or has this gone out the window?

The flip side, we get to meet people from all over the world which is amazing.

I guess I need to unhook myself from time to time so it’s not a problem and further pay attention to the apps that I download. Fine.

New people we meet who swear they’re funny. They may be funny but it’s not our type of humor and it’s annoying to hear them speak. I would apologize in advance for not finding them funny and I know humor is subjective. Yet, I still find it annoying particularly when they say stuff like, “you have no sense of humor?” No, it’s that your sense of humor sucks. And no, for the record, I am not on humor mode every minute of every day just because you think I should be. Go download yourself or something.

You are not witty, you are not inventive, you’re annoying. Thank you. And yes, it would be a correct assumption that you may not find me funny either. Which is fine.

Resentment. I have a lot of pent up resentment. Which is a shame. Ever notice how if you have only yourself to worry about, you are not as worried yet when others keep asking you for things, it seems like they remind you of what you don’t have, or aren’t able to do “right now” and maybe later you can do it, but they keep bringing up what they need and want and after a while, it feels, quite simply like;


This is what happens when you feel as though you are always doing for everyone else and neglect yourself and pretend it doesn’t matter. There is only so much personal neglect one can handle before they start to feel like, “What about me“?

I am not in a bad mood every day, contrary to this blog’s theme and the things I talk about. If I were there would be hate blog posts every day about the things I see that people do which I find to be annoying.

I wonder. If everyone thought like me, if everyone was funny “my way” or did things my way, or we were all nice and cozy with each other, if that would make me feel better.

The devils advocate. I can be one. I have been. This, is also annoying. It’s like having a conversation with someone who has no clue what you’re saying and they have to be right so you must be wrong. So there is another side to most things in life. Bully for you, now shut the fuck up. We’re not talking about you and right now I don’t care what the other side is about. I want to talk about me and what I think. Later, when I’m done, we can talk about you and I may be open to discussing the many different shades of a topic. Just for now? SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don’t care.

Let me speak my thoughts without interruption.

The art of persuasion. Annoying. It’s designed to make people like you, to do what you want, when you want and how you want it. Marketing has the corner on this aspect and so do many humans I know. Want to know why?

Because we all have the false belief that our way is best. And good for us humans right? Because we’ve developed these standards through trial and error, life experience and this is fine. If we are very lucky we get to meet someone who thinks like us and perhaps live happily ever after. Providing you do what I want. Interesting, isn’t it? That is a rhetorical question. Do not respond.

I respect we all have different views. The more I see the more disgust I have with what I know to be true.

Humans do almost everything because it makes them happy. Because they have a motive or an agenda and if you fit into what they want, or what I want, lets be honest, we’re all good. If not it’s a problem isn’t it.

Then we say, go out and find a good relationship. So you can be someone’s what? Healthy relationships are two people working together. I’ve seen it from time to time. Yet there appears to be way more unhealthy, self serving relationships out there than good ones. Why is that?

Oh. Because people are all about themselves. Now I remember.

Do I really want to believe that? No. I do not. However, it is how it seems and quite honestly, I am sick of it.

I think I’m done now. There may be more later.

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One thought on “So Annoyed!!

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