“You always been fast but trust me I never been slow… I figured your emotional state was hurt but damn 5 years later you all about this glow… All about these laughs… All about these jokes… All about these words… That I can tell come from your soul… You love to write… I respect that.. You have become literature… Literally a character that’s some what fictional… Mystical… your ambiguous hard to decipher… Yet your aura so lyrical… You’re a walking sentence… Paragraph… Maybe even a story… Your body language speaks loud… But the moral of the story is everything but phony… Once again I respect that… You always kept it real… How could I neglect that… Its important to self reflect on your life… I know you’ve danced with many of life’s thorns… Probably even made love to them because you’re scarred inside… And you had a big stumble in your life… Which is why you hesitate to accept shit… You’re always questioning why… But… The past few years you went through a beautiful transition… Literally into a woman… Can’t front you went through a few crazy stages but only until you find a personality that fits comfortably… I think we can both agree that evidently your eyes are open and now you see… In a different way and damn you deep… Your words are heavy… Probably because they all drowned in tears… In experience… But now that you’re on the other side don’t forget to reminisce…”

This is a poem that a really good friend of mine wrote for me to lift my spirits. When I read this I was almost in tears.. I hope you enjoy it!!!

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One thought on “Beautiful

  1. AmazinglyBrash says:

    Welcome to certainty….finding the perfect fit and wearing it proudly daily!!!!

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